CSA Simple:
  • Takes share sign ups online
  • Makes your shareholder communications quick, accurate, and effective
  • Tracks all payment data - every share, every member
  • Allows you infinite flexibility as your farm & CSA options grow
  • Provides instant, current information about your memberships
  • Creates pick up lists by share type, date, and distribution
  • Includes a shopping cart for add-on items
  • Has a full set of tools for examining & comparing memberships from previous seasons
  • Is fully customizable, easy to use, and affordable

CSA simple was developed in cooperation with working farms, with the real-life needs of the farmers determining each aspect of the program. Using CSA simple saves an average of 12-14 hours a week of office time, improves the percentage of payments collected, and simplifies life for you and your members. The ordering system allows you to offer multiple share types and overlapping seasons without any headaches. The shopping cart gives you the option of offering one-time additions to members' shares.

Each system is created separately: You have your own database and your own directory, for security and simplicity of use. Data can be printed or downloaded to Excel spreadsheets with the click of a button. Your system is formatted to match the appearance of your website, so your members don't feel that they've "left the building" when they go to sign up for their shares. Check out a sample web page & ordering system

Every farm is unique. We have built in the flexibility to suit the needs of a wide variety of CSA farm models, but if you have a special requirement, the program can be customized to meet your specific needs. Just get in touch and talk to us about what you require to make your farm more efficient and profitable!